Hinamatsuri: One for the ladies…

Ladies – happy Girl’s Day!

In Japan, today is known as  ‘Hinamatsuri‘ (雛祭り) (Doll’s Festival), or ‘Girl’s Day’.  It is also sometimes known as ‘Momo no sekku’ (Peach Festival) because of the peach blossom season.

On this day, families in Japan pray for happiness and success for the girls in their family, and also to ward off evil spirits.  However, Hinamatsuri is not a holiday in Japan, unlike some other festivals (such as ‘Children’s Day’ on May 5th).

Hinamatsuri is celebrated in various ways. One thing families do is to display a set of hina dolls in their homes, such as this:


I quite like these ones:


As with most Japanese festivals, there is also certain food and drink which is eaten. Such as:

Hishimochi (diamond shaped rice cakes):


Shirozake (a kind of non-alcoholic sake):


And Hina Arare (kind of sweet rice crackers – quite like ‘Rainbow Drops’ for anyone who had the fortune to grow up in the British 80s!):


We actually tried some of these in Japanese class last week – they were quite yummy!

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