Gyaku-choco for Valentine’s Day…

In Japan, Valentine’s Day (February 14th) is traditionally a time when girls give chocolate to guys, and White Day (March 14th), is when guys give chocolate back to girls.  However, this year, Morinaga (a Japanese confectionery company) have decided it’s time to reverse the situation…

This year, ‘gyaku-choco‘ is on sale everywhere.  ‘Gyaku’, I believe, means ‘reverse’, and so Morinaga have decided to reverse the pictures on their famous brands (French Milk, Dars and Koeda Choco):

…with the intention of guys buying these chocolates to give to their girls on Valentine’s Day.  At least, that is my understanding, having read various pieces of information on the net, including on the wonderful J-List Blog by Peter Payne.

However, Morinaga, I have to point out one thing which is puzzling me.  If you compare these chocolates to the usual Valentine’s fare, these designs seem very masculine.  I find the whole thing rather confusing.  The usual chocolates, designed to be given by girls to guys, are very feminine, in my opinion.  They have cute characters on them, or flowers and hearts. And these gyaku-choco seem like they might appeal more to guys, to me.

I think the whole situation has been reversed!

Anyway, click here to see the commercial.  Well who’d refuse some reversed chocolate from the guy in the white sweater?  I wouldn’t! 😉

5 thoughts on “Gyaku-choco for Valentine’s Day…

  1. Hey there.. did I see you on TV “wink” in a commercial? Thanks for posting this, they do have the kawaii factor going on = ) Hope you are well, I used to work in Gifu = )


  2. OH.. yea.. that was you!!!! I hope “A” paid you well!!!! hehe We are near each other, give me a call sometime we can have lunch or coffee = )


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