Everything’s pink…

It’s a good job I’m a girl, and I like pink, because right now that seems to be the predominant colour in Japan.  Tomorrow (March 3rd) is Hinamatsuri (Doll’s Festival/Girl’s Day) in Japan.  I wrote about this festival last year, so I won’t repeat myself too much, except to say that the supermarkets are filled with amazing pink and pastel coloured sweets right now. And it’s all too tempting.

I’m not sure exactly which ones are for Hinamatsuri and which are just here for the spring season, but here’s a couple I have to confess to trying… (I didn’t give in to the ones which look like Rainbow Drops yet…)

I think these ones are linked to the wonderful cherry blossom season which will soon be upon us, as the cute characters on the bag seem to be at a hanami (cherry blossom viewing) party.

I’m guessing this next one is also supposed to be a cherry blossom flower, or something…

But I think this one is connected to Hinamatsuri, as the sticker on the bag has the date and also the picture looks like the dolls I have seen on other Hinamatsuri stuff.

So, spring in Japan seems to be the pink season.  As I’ve said before, Japan’s seasons are very distinct, and there is no mistaking that spring is on the way.  Shopping malls have cherry blossom decorations hanging from them, cakes are shaped like flowers, and really, everything seems to be pink.  And I like it.  It’s happy, and bright, and with the sun pretty much constantly shining I feel happy to be here.

Soon, the cherry blossom will start blooming, and then everything really will be pink!  I think I will always have a soft spot for Japan in spring, as it was spring time when I first came here back in 2006.  I wonder if I would have fallen in love so deeply if it had been June (rainy season) or August (humidity, cicadas, cockroaches…).  Ah, well.

I think the cherry blossom will hit Nagoya around the end of the month (22nd March last year), but soon you will be able to check this link for further information.  The cherry blossom forecast in Japan is a big deal, and many people avidly watch the spread of sakura as it travels up the country.  This year I will probably do most of my viewing in Kyoto and Nagoya.  So, watch this space for pink, pink and a little more pink!

2 thoughts on “Everything’s pink…

  1. Yes, pink rules Japan for a while! I visited Starbucks yesterday and there were lots of pink stuff! And talking of Hinamatsuri, check the website of Google JAPAN on 3rd March, do not be late!


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