One thing I promised myself before I came to Japan was that I wouldn’t get hooked on Pocky.  On my first visit to Japan in 2006 I ate a lot of Pocky and brought a lot of it back with me.  It was one thing I was aware of before I came here, and I had to try it.  After that I occasionally bought it from the Asian food stores in London.  But I managed to avoid it pretty well when I moved here last year.  (Instead, I got hooked on Kit Kats, but that’s another story…)

Anyway, today, perhaps for the first time, I found myself on the Pocky website.  It’s an awesome site, and incredibly cute.  Actually, it reminds me a lot of the Kit Kat website, Breaktown.  I wonder which came first?  I noticed on the site that they seem to be having some kind of dance contest.  I can’t read much of the site, but don’t let the Japanese put you off – the videos are great!  Try to find the one of the little kid dancing with two sticks of Pocky in his hands!  Haha!  There’s so much stuff on the site besides actual Pocky, I was quite surprised.  Everything from dancing, to human beatboxing, to this strange sound machine/game thing!  There’s actually a whole page of games on there, including applications for iPhones.  I love this retro “Pocky Balloon” game, which you can play on your PC.

Actually, I have to say, I found it a little difficult to find the actual chocolate on the Pocky website! But I found it in the end: here it is! I wish I could start collecting Pocky like I do Kit Kats, but I know that would be beyond my budget, and it would be very bad for my waistline!!  There are so many amazing flavours out there though…

Oh, and I mustn’t forget to mention, November 11th is, I think, International (?) Pocky Day!  (See, the date is 11.11, which kinda looks like four sticks of Pocky…).  And this year is also Pocky’s 11th anniversary, so that’s even more 1s to add to the equation!

There’s a delicious new “fruits mix” flavour out to celebrate:

As the Pocky catchphrase goes… “Stick to fun!”  Um.. right!  😀

P.S. For those of you living in the UK, have you seen something called Mikado?  Well I saw this in the summer and thought it was a rubbish Pocky rip off, but actually it’s Pocky’s UK cousin! A distant and less attractive relative! 😉  I think it’s named Mikado after the game, also known as “pick-up sticks”, which I remember loving as a kid.

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