My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 1st

As anyone who knows me will know, I’m crazy about Christmas! So, I’ve decided to bring you a daily photo of something relating to Christmas in Japan, from December 1st until Christmas Day. I’ve called it “My Japanese Advent Calendar“. Enjoy!

So, here is my image for December 1st:

Starbucks Christmas Tree Advent Calendar

This actually is my Japanese advent calendar! I bought this in Starbucks, where they have a whole host of cute Christmas goodies. This cardboard tree has a little window for everyday until December 24th, and today I got a little red and white striped candy. I wonder what tomorrow will bring…? šŸ˜‰

4 thoughts on “My Japanese Advent Calendar – December 1st

  1. Hi Much more exciting than the flat ones in the UK, I hope the sweets are too!
    I have also an advent blog but with music or comedy – chocolate not included


    • Sadly, I’m a bit disappointed by the sweets so far. Yesterday was just a little red and white candy, and today was an ordinary chocolate star like you would find in a flat UK advent calendar. Hmm. I’m wondering if this was worth the money!


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