Kit Kat Shinkansen!

I don’t usually double post my blogs, but I thought this particular Japanese Kit Kat design might be of interest not only to Kit Kat fans, but also general Japan fans. That’s why you can find this post here, on Haikugirl’s Japan, and also over on my Kit Kat blog, Kit Kats!.

I found this Kit Kat Shinkansen (bullet train) in the Bell Mart convenience store in Hamamatsu Station.

Kit Kat Shinkansen

It contains regular milk chocolate Kit Kats, which come in this cute bag which features the names of various train stations (including Hamamatsu):

Kit Kat Shinkansen

The Kit Kats themselves have train pictures on, which I’m sure would be wonderful for all you train-spotters out there! 😉

Kit Kat Shinkansen

The pack also contains these cute stickers:

Kit Kat Shinkansen

Now, I’m no train-spotter or “otaku”, but isn’t this cool?? Haha! 😀

By the way, this is my entry to this week’s Show Me Japan.

6 thoughts on “Kit Kat Shinkansen!

  1. I haven’t seen that before. Very interesting to know. And, needless to say, it’s lovely. JR should distribute that Kit Kat to the customers of Nozomi shinkansen when they buy a ticket.
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Very neat. I’m no obsessive trainspotter (or 鉄ファン), maybe just a little bit, when it comes to the JR. I like that the individually wrapped packages also have train-themed designs…


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