Kappa Sushi & Cats Cafe

When I first came to Japan I had the misconception that sushi would be everywhere and readily available. In a way, it is. I mean, you can buy sushi in the convenience store and it’s pretty good sushi. But I thought kaiten-zushi, or “conveyor belt sushi”, would be more common than it is.

Anyway, my friends asked me what I would like to do for my birthday, and all I could think of was that I wanted to go to the kaiten-zushi! So they sought one out, just a little out of town, and we went down there.

I’m shocked to realise that in my three years of living in Japan this is my first real kaiten-zushi post!  Anyway, for those of you who are interested, this is what a Japanese kaiten-zushi looks like inside…

This one is Kappa Sushi. A kappa, by the way, is a mythical water sprite… and I think there might have been one in the water we were drinking, as we were all very high-spirited! 😉

Here’s a typical table. The two people sitting nearest the conveyor belt have to do all the work as they have to pass the sushi to everyone else. They also have a kind of bar where you can sit individually and face the sushi as it goes round.

Kappa Sushi

There are little cards between the different types of sushi, announcing what it is.

Kappa Sushi

When you see something you like, just grab it off the belt.

Here comes the sushi

If you want something you can’t see, you can order it with this screen.

Kappa Sushi

Then it is brought to you on the sushi train.

The sushi train!

Don’t forget to press the red button to send the sushi train back!

We noted that conveyor belt sushi restaurants in the UK and Australia don’t have sushi trains, but then my friend commented that, if they did, the trains would probably be delayed anyway. 😉

The plates are so cute.

Cute Kappa Sushi plate

This restaurant is really easy. All of the ordinary plates (no matter what colour) cost ¥105 each (you just have to watch out for the little bowls or other special dishes). In England, it all gets very complicated depending on the colour of your dish.

Here we all are, enjoying the sushi:

Gwynnie, Azusa, Saba, Jenny, me, Kumi & Kyohei

After filling up on sushi, my friends took me to Cats Cafe (sorry, I can’t find a website due to the fact that there are so many “cat cafes” – where you can go and pet cats – in Japan). Cats Cafe is famous for its huge ice cream sundaes (or, “parfait” in Japanese). This is one of the smaller ones:

Huge sundae

The desserts in this place are really beautiful!


I got a special chocolate birthday message in mine (thanks guys!!).

Me & my birthday ice cream

I had so much fun, and such a wonderful birthday! Thanks everyone! ありがとうね!

Megan, Azusa, Jenny, Saba, Gwynnie, Kumi & Kyohei

4 thoughts on “Kappa Sushi & Cats Cafe

  1. That’s a great kaiten zushi place! I like the train.

    I’ve eaten at the one in Tokyo Station, it was pretty decent. There is also one in Akihabara at the corner of Chuo Dori near the Radio Kaikan building which was okay. I did eat at the one at Narita Airport when I flew out this time. I think because there weren’t any customers the sushi chef was a little cranky, lol.

    There are a couple here in California. Up in San Francisco they have one or two that use a moat with boats. That is fun to see.


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