A trip to the mall…

What better activity on a cold January day than a trip to the mall? I usually take the bus to the mall but, despite the freezing cold wind it was a bright sunny day when I woke up, so I decided to attempt walking there this time. It was about three miles from my apartment, according to Google Maps. I got the directions up on my cell phone and followed with GPS – it was very easy to get there and only took about an hour.

Along the way, I played with my camera…

Walking to the mall...

Most of the route was along the main road. Next time I’m going to try to walk the bus route, as that goes past a couple of small temples and shrines. I didn’t pass those today. Malls in Japan are usually a bit away from the main city. AEON Ichino has a fair bit of countryside nearby.

Dead fields...





You can even see mountains!


Near the mall


Welcome to Pine Village

I had no idea until today that the mall was called “Pine Village”, and I can’t really fathom why!





Photos are not actually permitted inside the mall, but I managed to sneak a couple. There were a couple of security guards around though so I thought I had better not appear too suspicious!




As I was waiting for a bus home it started to snow. People have told me all along that it never snows in Hamamatsu, but for about 15 minutes it really came down. It didn’t settle at all though, which was a shame.

Watching the snow...

This post is a Show Me Japan entry. Don’t forget to check out the other entries! 😉

4 thoughts on “A trip to the mall…

  1. The weather in this winter or last summer appears to be bit unusual. So nothing is surprising even if we have a snow in Okinawa:)
    What did you buy there? Unagi Pie???
    Thanks for participating in “Show Me Japan” and for sharing.


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