It NEVER snows in Hamamatsu…

…or so they said! 😉

I looked out of the window last night and thought, “That looks like snow!”. Throwing on a jacket over my pajamas and grabbing my camera, I dashed out into the night.

Snowing? In Hamamatsu??

I didn’t expect there to still be snow in the morning!

Hamamatsu lightly dusted in snow


Snowy ladles


I know it’s not exactly epic snow, but I was so disappointed when I moved to Hamamatsu and was told that it never snows here.  I don’t know if it’s something to do with being born in the winter, but I love snow. I don’t think I would want to live somewhere that was always snowy – I think it would take the magic away – but I love it when it snows and everything gets that “sugar dusted cake” feel about it.

Unfortunately the snow put the kibosh on my day a bit. I was supposed to be making a fleeting visit to Nagoya to see an old student (she called me out of the blue and I happened to be free). However, when I got to Toyohashi I found chaos. From what I could gather after listening to announcements, observing, and attempting to talk to a fellow passenger, trains had been stopped between Toyohashi and Nagoya due to the snow. While the snow wasn’t that bad in Hamamatsu, it had got worse the closer I got to Toyohashi and I could only imagine that it was a lot worse heading towards Nagoya.

I waited for an hour or so and nothing had changed, so I decided to retreat to Hamamatsu and postpone my plans. There were so many people waiting by this point that I figured the train would be hell if it eventually came anyway and, who knows, I could have got stuck in Nagoya!

Snow at Toyohashi Station

Japanese trains are famously punctual so today’s snow chaos was a bit of a surprise, but then I think the snow was a bit of a surprise to everyone too! I have to say though, I am very impressed with Japan Rail. At Toyohashi I tried to ask the station attendant what to do about my ticket and he told me to sort it out at Hamamatsu. At Hamamatsu I explained in my best broken Japanese what had happened and… they gave me a full refund on my ticket!! Can’t see British Rail ever doing that… 😉

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