Girls just wanna have… mochi!

While browsing in the “depachika” (basement of the department store where all of the cool food is sold) of the Entetsu department store, I came across these cute little “ichigo daifuku” which were coloured and designed especially for Hina-matsuri (March 3rd):

Hina daifuku

“Daifuku” (which means “great luck”) are usually sweet mochi balls filled with red bean paste (or sometimes other things). “Ichigo daifuku” are made with strawberries and these ones had “shiro anko” (er… that’s white red bean paste) in them, too. They’re wrapped up a little differently to usual “ichigo daifuku”, and are designed to resemble the Hina dolls that you can see displayed everywhere for Hina-matsuri. Hina dolls come in many different designs, but I could somehow see the resemblance as soon as I saw these cute “ichigo daifuku”!

You can see more Hina doll characters in the photo below:

Hina-matsuri chirashizushi in the department store

This is “chirashizushi” which was on sale in the same department store.

I do love how Japan has all these wonderful events and festivals which colour our lives so beautifully. I love how the simple act of buying my lunch in the department store can bring me such joy and give me so much to write about! I’m going to miss that…

By the way, this is a Show Me Japan entry for this week. I’m so happy that Show Me Japan exists – it gives me a little prompt every week to remember to share Japan with everyone! Don’t forget to check out all the other entries! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Girls just wanna have… mochi!

  1. I so agree with Caroline! And the worst thing ever is when the item actually comes back the following year, you rush out to buy it only to find out that the “new and improved” version is nothing like what you bought last year…


  2. I SO agree with you both!! Haha! The worst one for me is Starbucks. I love their seasonal varieties, but feel like I have to have as many Sakura Frappuccinos as I can before they stop doing them! >_<


  3. Two dolls on top tier are said to be Emperor and Empress. Since we live in Heisei Era, these are Akihito and Michiko…
    The price of chirashizushi is 682 JPY? Not 600 or 700? It’s bit bizarre to me:)
    Your post makes me feel so hungry!!!
    Thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend.


  4. ooh, I love the wrapping technique. One of my friends back home (USA) knows I’m mental for bento boxes and is always sending me little technique findings–this week how to make your hard-boiled eggs into a heart shape. The Japanese have such a knack for wondrous and joyful food presentation!


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