Shaken, and slightly stirred…

Evening all!

Well, I’ve spent my whole day trying to be “normal” and get on with teaching without thinking about earthquakes etc. too much. I just got home around 10pm and decided to catch up on the BBC news while checking my emails when… my apartment began to really shudder. For a split second I told myself I was being stupid and it was just someone running up the stairs outside (these places are kind of wobbly) but then I told myself “no, this is an earthquake”. And it was.


That was definitely the biggest one I have ever felt. According to the JMA website it was magnitude 6.0. Still, that really is nothing compared to Friday’s quake in Sendai (earlier reported as 8.9, now being reported as 9.0), so I shouldn’t complain. It was also, fortunately, very short.

Still, it was enough to shake me up a bit and my heart is still racing. I watched as my laundry hanger shook and my light fixture swayed, standing in the middle of the room not sure whether to move or stay. “Why are you blogging now?” you might ask. Because I’m alone. And, even though that wasn’t so big really, it’s freakin’ scary. Also, because I want to share these experiences with people, so you know what it’s like. And so you know I’m safe.

Everything seems calm now. My emergency bag is sat next to me, just in case, and I’m wearing my shoes inside my apartment, just in case (do Japanese do this, I wonder?).

For those of you who have recently contacted me on this site over concern about loved ones in the Shizuoka Prefecture: yes, we did have a quake here tonight but it wasn’t really bad enough to have caused any damage (as far as I know). What caused the really huge damage in Sendai was the tsunami.  There are still no tsunami warnings for Japan at the time of writing this.

Stay safe, everyone!

*UPDATE* It was only magnitude 3.0 here in Hamamatsu according to JMA. Geez – that was only a 3.0?! Worst hit part of Shizuoka was Fujinomiya (6+). No reported damage though, thank goodness.

6 thoughts on “Shaken, and slightly stirred…

  1. Scary stuff! I’m well impressed with all the people who are staying and not running away. Must be very hard without knowing when ‘it’ will be over. Stay safe!


  2. It must be more scary to go through something like that alone. I hope you’re ok.
    I don’t know how they relate to each other but the Sendai 9 is on a different measurement scale (SMS) to the JMA 3 you felt.

    One thing I’d take from what happened in Sendai is when it’s time to get out to safety don’t stop or go back for possessions….


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