Origami – so much more than paper cranes

Ask the average person to name something about Japan, and one of the things they will probably say is “origami”. Origami (折り紙) is the world-famous Japanese art of paper-folding. Typically, people think of paper cranes when they think of origami:

Origami crane

Paper cranes are something you can often see all over Japan at shrines and temples, and they symbolise peace:

Paper cranes

Origami is something I’ve often dabbled with but never been good at. However, I love to see origami and have always admired the skill involved in creating works of art from ‘simply’ (or not, as the case may be!) folding paper.

I have been fortunate enough to receive some absolutely amazing origami gifts recently. I’ve already shared this one but it is so wonderful that it deserves a second mention:

Leaving party, 2nd April 2011

Today I received this amazing decoration made from 60 sheets of paper (it took my student 3 days to make!!):

Amazing origami ornament

Isn’t it amazing?!

I also received a book and some origami paper:

Origami paper and book

The book is great – it includes everything from how to make a Japanese throwing knife (しゅりけん) to how to make earrings! The book is entirely bilingual too, so maybe I can even learn a bit of Japanese with it!

So, when I am in England and I feel “homesick” for Japan, I think I will be folding my troubles away! (And, yes, everyone can expect Christmas presents made out of paper this year…) 😉

One thought on “Origami – so much more than paper cranes

  1. One of my favorite pasttimes as a child was playing with origami. My mother had bought me two books on ho-to. I spent hours making cranes, boats and flowers. Mine were never as spectacular that the ones you have posted here.


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