Breakfast with Businessmen

One of the best things about staying in a hotel is when that hotel has free breakfast. I’m staying in a Toyoko Inn and they usually offer a Japanese style breakfast which mainly consists of “onigiri” (rice balls), miso soup, and salad/vegetables. I can’t eat salad for breakfast, but I think onigiri are great!

This morning I went down for breakfast and it was pretty crowded. I had to share a table with a Japanese businessman. Given that I’m staying at a business hotel, I wasn’t surprised to see so many businessmen (yes, just men) at breakfast. But I felt kind of strange, sitting there in my suit having breakfast with a bunch of businessmen!

I have just two days left at work – today and tomorrow. I can’t believe how fast time is going at the moment. I’m excited about my upcoming Tokyo adventure, but nervous about what comes next when I get back to England (job hunting, flat hunting…).

Today I will leave you with the view from my hotel room. This is the “Akaden” (Red Train) or Entetsu Railway Line:

Toyoko Inn, Hamamatsu

Unfortunately the window doesn’t open fully so I can only hang out the sides to try to take pictures!

3 thoughts on “Breakfast with Businessmen

  1. I was surprised by the salad for breakfast too, but actually find it more doable for me than fish for breakfast. I feel weird drinking miso in the morning, too.

    Interesting when you try to separate it from our individual upbringings, though. It’s a lot more healthy to eat a salad or slab of fish in the morning than a bowl of sugar, which is essentially what most cereal is.


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