Business lunch in Ueno…

If you’re a busy business person working in Ueno (Tokyo), where would you choose to escape to for your lunch break? Well, when I was walking around Ueno recently I discovered the answer: Shitaya Shrine.

Shitaya Shrine, Ueno

Shitaya Shrine houses deities for business prosperity, and harmony and happiness in marriage, according to the sign:

Shitaya Shrine, Ueno

It was basically your run of the mill, small, inner city shrine:

Shitaya Shrine, Ueno

Except for all the business men dotted around, enjoying their lunch breaks. This one’s eating a “bento” (lunch box) from a convenience store:

Shitaya Shrine, Ueno

This one is enjoying a bit of music with his sandwich:

Shitaya Shrine, Ueno

There were lots of others, including a group of men smoking, but I didn’t want to make it too obvious I was taking photos of them!

Have you seen anyone eating lunch in an unusual place in Japan? I’d love to hear your stories! 🙂

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