Yo! Sushi

I’ve been back in England about a week and have been having some real pangs of “homesickness” for Japan, and cravings for Japanese food. Today, April 29th, was a day when most people in England were making the most of an extra day off work and celebrating the royal wedding.  I and my mum were attending a Royal Wedding Street Party in Portsmouth‘s Gunwharf Quays, but before that we decided to stop for some sushi…

Good sushi is hard to find in England (unless you go to an expensive, Japanese run sushi shop in the heart of London, so our options were limited. But England has a chain of “kaiten-zushi” (conveyor belt sushi) restaurants called Yo! Sushi and luckily there happens to be one at Gunwharf Quays.

Yo! Sushi

The sushi there is… well, it’s not really on a par with Japanese sushi, but it was still just what the doctor ordered today! 😉 The food is definitely not bad, but if you’ve ever had real Japanese sushi you might find Yo! Sushi’s offerings to be a little harder and less fresh than the average Japanese fare.

Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi has a slightly annoying (and expensive) system, whereby different coloured plates are different prices. The prices are odd amounts and hard to remember, so it can add up quickly if you’re not careful. Prices range from a green plate which is £1.70 (edamame, avocado maki…) to a grey plate which is £5.00 (soft shell crab tempura, salmon selection…). You can also get quite a large range of hot food by pressing your buzzer to call over a server (pressing your buzzer is fun – a little pre-recorded voice shouts out “hai!hai!” and if you don’t turn it off it continues with other phrases such as “sumimasen” and “moshi moshi”). The whole menu can be viewed here online.

Yo! Sushi

Today, Yo! Sushi had a special royal wedding dish. For £2.50 you could get a smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber “Royal Roll” (temaki sushi) and keep the plate. The plates were really quite cute, and the proceeds went to the charity Help for Heroes, so I had to get one:

Royal Wedding Yo! Sushi plate

To be honest, compared to the likes of Kappa-Sushi in Japan where every regular plate is only ¥105 (about £0.77), Yo! Sushi is a bit of a rip off. You even have to pay for green tea and water! But, it’s the closest thing I’m going to get to Japan for the time being, and it did make me incredibly happy to go there today. When I sat down and watched the sushi dancing around in its little circle I felt like I was at home…

Yo! Sushi

…that is, until I looked up and realised there wasn’t a single Japanese person in the place! 😉


I’ve decided to be greedy and enter Show Me Japan twice this week. Don’t forget to check out the other entries!

5 thoughts on “Yo! Sushi

  1. Your post reminded me of how some people overseas (who never even visited Japan) always say how expensive Japan is, simply because all the media tells them so.


    • Indeed. I was just about to leave a comment to the same effect.

      Since I have lived in Japan, people are always making that sort of comment – about how expensive things are in Japan. Well, yeah, I’m sure that Tokyo is expensive compared to most parts of the US, but if you’re used to Manhattan prices like I am, then Tokyo’s no big shakes. I tell these people, have you been to London?

      I remember when I was living in London, and was always tempted to go to the Yo! Sushi in Bloomsbury. But it’s so expensive! £1.70 may not sound like much to you Brits, but to my mind, that’s more than US$3.00 (or, it was more than $3 when I was there). Mighty expensive compared to the 105円 plates at Kappazushi.

      Some of the kaitenzushi places here in Hawaii aren’t too bad, but I really do miss cheap, excellent sushi in Japan. … I wonder if there are any kaiten places in NY, and how expensive they are…


  2. I’m always telling people that visiting Japan can be as expensive or as cheap as vacationing in Europe or US. But most people still insist Japan is too expensive.

    There used to be a Yo Sushi outlet near the place I work, but no more now. Their stuff are too expensive.


  3. I hate places with that system in Japan, too – the colored plates.

    And sometimes the sushi may not be as good abroad (though sometimes I think it is as good as average places here in Japan), but I do miss “foreign” sushi like California rolls.


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