Goodbye Kitty

I met a good friend for lunch and a catch-up today and she had a gift for me. As it was Easter last week, and she knew how much I loved things related to Japan, she had decided to buy me a Hello Kitty Easter egg (there seems to be a bit of a Kitty boom in England right now!).  Well, it wasn’t an egg exactly, but a “hollow decorated white chocolate Hello Kitty” covered in sprinkles and everything! It looked very cute, and incredibly sweet, and I was very touched by her thoughtfulness.

We had a lot of catching up to do, and spent hours just talking, sitting in the glorious sun in the park. Unfortunately, it turns out Hello Kitty is actually a bit of an “English Rose”.  When I got home and pulled her out of the bag to take a photograph, I discovered she had she wilted in the sun.

Goodbye Kitty…

Goodbye Kitty

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