A taste of the familiar…

I’m a very lucky girl. My mum had to go to London for work today, so she dropped in to the Japan Centre and picked up a surprise for me! 😀

Matcha melon pan and green tea from the Japan Centre in London

She got me a matcha (green tea) melon pan (メロンパン / melon bread) – my favourite – and some bottled green tea. I’m so happy to have a little taste of Japan waiting for my breakfast tomorrow!

Unfortunately, I really can’t buy anything like this around my home town, which is why I’m desperately searching for a job in London (or another big city which has Asian stores, maybe). So far, I haven’t had much luck with jobs although I have applied for a few. Having a sample of London life in my hands today reminded me to keep trying – my new career is out there… somewhere! 😉

5 thoughts on “A taste of the familiar…

  1. The wristband is for a great cause. Sorry, I can’t waer one due to someone very close to me being allergic to rubber & elastic…it’s for this reason I’ve stopped wearing my LIVESTRONG wristband in support of the Lance Armstrong Foundation, in support of Cancer Awareness, which has just celebrated it’s 7th anniversary xx


  2. It’s funny (though I guess not surprising) how living in Japan can influence us like this. I suspect when I return home I’ll be jonesing for onigiri, and I know I’m going to be looking for a Japan-related job in the future.


    • Believe me, you will! I would love to just pop to Lawson’s now and buy some onigiri… Good luck finding a Japan-related job. There are some around, depending on your level of Japanese. I think yours is much better than mine, so you should be fine! 🙂


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