Yet I Still Dare to Hope

Yet I Still Dare to Hope” is the name of a new photo exhibition which is taking place this weekend. The exhibition shows photographs taken by Christina Aiton in the aftermath of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It focuses on the people living in the disaster‐hit town of Shichigahama, which is in Miyagi prefecture of North Eastern Japan. The photos and narratives transcend the tragedy to relate survivors’ stories of hope for the future.

This exhibition aims to draw support from the UK and provide visitors with an insight into the strength of the human spirit displayed by survivors as they rebuild their lives in this disaster-hit region of North Eastern Japan.

The exhibition is supported by the Embassy of Japan in the UK, The Japan Foundation and The Town of Shichigahama (Miyagi Prefecture).

Yet I Still Dare to Hope” opens at Olympia Two (London, W14 8UX) on Friday 22nd July (closing Sunday 24th July) and is hosted as part of Hyper Japan 2011. There is an entrance fee for Hyper Japan, but the photo exhibition is free to enter. There will be a booklet, “Stories of the Experience of the Tsunami and Hope of the Survivors” on sale for £1 at the exhibition, and further donations are welcome.

More details can be found on the following websites:

Photo Exhibition:

Seven Beach Aid:


Hyper Japan 2011:


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