Introducing: Yoyo Market

Living in Japan? Wishing you could find a way to easily order from Costco and IKEA? Look no further!

Yoyo Market brings you the finest goods from IKEA and Costco straight to your door, anywhere in Japan. Not only do they offer the widest selection of Costco goods in Japan, they also stock loads of other foods from importers and distributors around the country. They are the only IKEA delivery service in English in the country and, on average, the cheapest in any language. They understand that grocery shopping in Japan is a hassle and more often than not you can’t find the foods and household goods you want. They’ve tried really hard to get you everything in one place and top it all off with the fastest shipping in the business. If you order on a weekday before noon they can deliver your order the next morning (for most parts of the country). They don’t charge extra for cold or frozen shipping, and have a free shipping policy for orders over ¥30,000. Their prices stack up well against any other online supermarket. Basically, they try their hardest to bring you more of what you want, faster and cheaper than anyone else, and also give you unparalleled and personal customer service.

☆★☆ Special Offer ☆★☆

Here’s a special offer for Haikugirl’s Japan readers: when you check out on Yoyo Market, enter the word haiku into the coupon code and you will receive ¥500 off orders over ¥10,000.

The coupon is valid from today until 1st October, 2011.

Happy shopping! 😀

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