Restaurant Review: Nagomi

A couple of weeks ago I went to a Japanese restaurant in London with some friends. That day, it was absolutely chucking it down with rain, so I decided to go straight into the restaurant before my friends had arrived. I usually prefer to wait outside, as I don’t like that feeling of being sat alone in a restaurant waiting for people, but the rain was just so heavy.

Nagomi sits quietly just off Bond Street, far enough away from the hustle and bustle that you can switch off and forget you’re right in the middle of Central London.


The atmosphere inside is pleasant. The staff are Japanese, and so were a lot of the customers (always a good sign!). The

décor was subtle, the lighting dim, and the music just the right volume.


I felt incredibly comfortable sat in a corner, sipping on some tea, waiting for my friends to arrive. In fact, they were delayed, and I sat there for around 30 minutes on my own, but the staff didn’t bother me once, and the restaurant never became so crowded that I felt my being there was a problem.

I and one of my friends ordered the ten don for £7.50 (each).

Ten don

My other friend ordered the katsu don for £8.90.

Katsu don

Our dishes came with miso soup and Japanese-style salad, which gave me a little “natsukashii” feeling (a feeling of nostalgia for Japan).


The food was good, albeit quite simple,and the prices weren’t bad for the location. I wouldn’t exactly rave about Nagomi, but it’s a good little place to know if you’re dying to get away from the craziness of Oxford Street and have a bite of lunch. I have no idea what the place is like in the evening – perhaps it’s busier – but during the day it seemed quite relaxed and quiet. There was a steady turnover of customers, without there ever being a queue for tables.

As well as rice donburi, Nagomi serve ramen, sushi, bento, tempura and various other dishes. They also have a take-away menu, which includes onigiri. I know where I’ll be stopping off next time I’m in town and hungry! 😉


Nagomi is open Monday – Saturday, 12:00 – 14:30 and 18:00 – 22:30. It’s at 4 Blenheim St, London W1S 1LB. Please see: for more information and menus.


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