Happy Pocky Day!

It’s November 11th, 2011… It’s Pocky day! 😀

(Buy Pocky in the UK from Tofu Cute)

Why is it Pocky day? Because 11.11.11 looks like a bunch of Pocky, that’s why! No, I didn’t make this up myself. 11th November is always Pocky Day, but this year is an extra special one because of the year. I don’t know who decided to make a special day for Pocky, or what it really means to be Pocky Day, but let’s just enjoy having the excuse to eat lots of delicious Pocky from Japan!

Chocolate on chocolate Pocky

My Kawaii Space recently had a yummy post about Pocky, so if you need a taster, check it out: Pocky Galore!

Pocky is pretty easy to get hold of in the UK, and one of the best sources is Tofu Cute. They have a really wide range of flavours, at very reasonable prices. I’ve got my eye on the Blueberry ones

Happy Pocky Day! (^_^)v

Official Japanese Pocky website.

Fruit Pocky

4 thoughts on “Happy Pocky Day!

  1. Oh I didn’t know it was Pocky Day!! Damn it, and I didn’t do a Pocky post on my blog (Well I did but a few days earlier!!) I wonder why that Pocky chocolate has pics of fruit on it??!! Very weird. If I’d known it was Pocky day I would have eaten a LOT of Pocky xx


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