A-Z of Japan

My A-Z of Japan has finally come to an end. In case you missed any installments, here they all are again:

A is for… Azuki Beans

B is for… Basho

Matsuo Basho

C is for… Cicada


D is for… Daibutsu

Great Buddha (Daibutsu)

E is for… Ema

Meiji Jingu

F is for… Fans

G is for… Green Tea Frappuccino

Starbucks Matcha Frappuccino

H is for… Hachiko

Hachiko (Shibuya)

I is for… Izakaya

Beer in Za-Watami (Izakaya)

J is for… Jizo

Jizo at Zojyoji

K is for… Koi


L is for… Lost in Translation

M is for… Momotaro

Momotaro Shrine

N is for… Nagoya

View of Nagoya, from Midland Square Sky Promenade, 46th Floor

O is for… Omamori

P is for… Pagoda

Narita-san Shinsho-ji

Q is for… Qoo

R is for… Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma Store, Kichijoji

S is for… Shinkansen


T is for… Tokugawa


U is for… Unagi


V is for… V-sign


W is for… Wagashi

X is for… X Japan

Y is for… Yokai

GeGeGe no Kitaro

Z is for… Zenkoji

Zenkoji, Nagano, 20th March 2011
Hope you enjoyed them – I’ve certainly enjoyed putting them together! 🙂

Don’t worry, although the A-Z has come to an end, I still promise you weekly blog posts on Haikugirl’s Japan. I’m going to take a little break over the Christmas period, but I’ll be back with a new weekly series in January, so watch this space!

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