Hyper Japan 2012 Spring update

With only seven weeks to go, I’m starting to get excited about the return of the UK’s biggest J-culture event: Hyper Japan!

Hyper Japan 2012 Spring will take place from Friday 24th – Sunday 26th February at Brompton Hall at Earls Court (London). Check out the official website: hyperjapan.co.uk.

More details about the events at Hyper Japan are being announced all the time. Some of the highlights include:

Actress and singer Natsuko Aso live performance

Catch her on the HYPER JAPAN main stage on Friday 24th and Saturday 25th February.

Sushi Awards 2012

The Eat-Japan Sushi Awards are back with the second ever UK Sushi Roll Championship. This is your chance to taste five unique sushi creations from some of the very best sushi chefs in the country!

Sake Awards 2012

The Eat-Japan Sake Awards: Top Brewery Taste-Off is a brand new event launching at HYPER JAPAN Spring 2012.

Third Window Films Showcase with Satoshi Miki and Eri Fuse

Director Satoshi Miki (pictured) and actor Eri Fuse will be appearing on the HYPER JAPAN stage to show showreel and clips from some of their movies and talk about their work in contemporary Japanese cinema.

And, of course, there will be a number of cosplay events.

Like last year, there will also be loads of stalls selling Japanese goods and Japanese food and sweets. There’ll also be tour operators there, so you can talk to experts and plan your trip to Japan (I recommend visiting Inside Japan Tours).

I’ll share more information as things are announced, so watch this space! (*^_^)v

(All images courtesy of Hyper Japan)

6 thoughts on “Hyper Japan 2012 Spring update

  1. Oh! The closest we have to that here are the anime conventions. They normally have some J-culture, but nothing on the scale to this event! 😀 Have fun and take lots of pictures, please! 😛


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