Reasons to visit Japan #1

It’s no secret that I would happily book a holiday to Japan today if I had the money, and I’m always on the look out for more reasons to add to my list of “why it’s ok to consider getting into debt to visit the country I love”. So, throughout the year I will sometimes be posting random “reasons to visit Japan” based on things I discover in the news or from browsing the Internet. Here’s one for you today:

Starbucks Azuki Matcha Latte and Frappuccino!!
あずき 抹茶 ラテ & あずき 抹茶 クリーム フラペチーノ

(Image source)

Starbucks in Japan always has amazing seasonal flavours, and this new one for 2012 is no exception. If only I could justify the cost of the flight…

7 thoughts on “Reasons to visit Japan #1

  1. I’m in Japan atm (have been fr a month now) and I am sooo addicted to the azuki matcha frappuccino from Starbucks! They are heaven sent frappuccino godliness!! 😀
    I hope you come to Japan soon, there is no price tag on a real life experience 🙂


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