My Girlfriend is a Cyborg

Cyborg She or 僕の彼女はサイボーグ (Boku no Kanojo wa Saibōgu) – literally, My Girlfriend is a Cyborg – is a bit of a mind-bending movie.

This 2008 Japanese film by South Korean director & writer Kwak Jae-yong stars Haruka Ayase and Keisuke Koide, and is about a geeky boy’s relationship with a cyborg from the future. I won’t ruin the plot by telling you everything that happens (Wikipedia does that if you want it), but I will say that there’s nothing like a bit of time travel to really mess with your brain. I will also give one warning, which I wish my colleague had given me when I borrowed the DVD from her: there is a huge earthquake in the movie. It’s very well done, but with everything that happened in Japan last March, I do wish I had known I was about to watch a mega-quake and see Tokyo utterly destroyed.

Anyway, if you’re looking for light, quirky entertainment with good special effects and robots, this is your movie. Haruka Ayase plays a very convincing cyborg quite beautifully, and I expect she’s the object of many young men’s fantasies about future technology.

My only criticism is the UK release’s title: Cyborg She. I much prefer “My Girlfriend is a Cyborg“.

3 thoughts on “My Girlfriend is a Cyborg

  1. I chose not to read your synopsis. I am going to find this movie and watch it! I loooove Korean and Japanese movies. So a Japanese movie directed by a Korean may just interest me. 😛


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