Alchemist’s Mind by Satoshi Dáte

On Friday I decided to check out Satoshi Dáte’s latest exhibition, Alchemist’s Mind. Satoshi Dáte is a graduate of Central Saint Martins, and I first came across him last year at Hyper Japan. Satoshi Dáte, who was born in Tokyo and now lives in London, is the creative director of the fashion design label Satoshi Datenow. He blends art and music into clothing with social and environmental themes. When I spoke to him briefly, he said that he wasn’t so focussed on the business side of things, and was more concerned with communication.

Alchemist's Mind by Satoshi Dáte

Satoshi Dáte

Dáte’s designs are unique, and yet I could imagine them being worn by regular people (albeit regular people with fat wallets).

Alchemist's Mind by Satoshi Dáte

I still find it difficult to understand fashion as art, which is what this essentially is. Items of clothing were hung around a gallery space like artworks, while music and a video played. It was more like an installation than a clothes shop, and yet all the pieces were for sale.

Alchemist's Mind by Satoshi Dáte

Here’s the concept behind this exhibition, Alchemist’s Mind:

As we live our lives we pick up things along the way such as experiences, beliefs and relationships. Sometimes we can feel these things as burdens that we carry. At the time these feelings may seem indispensable but as time goes by they become redundant; perhaps these are things that limit us in some way. Often we try to ignore these emotions or reject them but they remain with us; they have become intertwined with us and there will always be a part of us that feels unloved.
What if we can take these things, adapt them and create an organic form; something that is useful and beautiful; something that we can embrace, accept and love?

A lot of the pieces had small details embroidered onto them, making them cute and original.

Alchemist's Mind by Satoshi Dáte

Alchemist's Mind by Satoshi Dáte

I liked this coat, but didn’t dare look at the price tag.

Alchemist's Mind by Satoshi Dáte

One of the less practical pieces:

Alchemist's Mind by Satoshi Dáte

I thought I might be able to afford one of these small accessories…

Alchemist's Mind by Satoshi Dáte

But the first one I picked up – a thin piece of material which I took to be a hairband of some kind – was £100. I couldn’t quite believe my eyes but didn’t dare to touch anything after that.

I don’t suppose I’ll ever be rich enough to buy fashion pieces like this, but it was very nice to look at them and dream.

Alchemist's Mind by Satoshi Dáte

For more information about Satoshi Dáte, please visit his website:

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