Wasabi Chocolate

Seeing as it’s Easter, I thought I’d post about chocolate today. Classy Swiss chocolate brand Lindt has recently released a new wasabi flavour chocolate and I’m happy to say it’s GOOD! Dark chocolate and wasabi go together in much the same way as dark chocolate and chilli – you wouldn’t expect it to work, but it does.

Lindt Wasabi chocolate

The wasabi is clearly there, but it’s not too overpowering. It does do that thing to your nose though!

Lindt Wasabi chocolate

I’ve had wasabi chocolate before and always thought it was good, but not great. Wasabi Kit Kats (which use white chocolate) are a little too sweet.

わさび (Wasabi) Kit Kat

However, this Lindt wasabi dark chocolate really hits the spot. I’m actually tempted to try cooking with it too… any suggestions for recipes?

18 thoughts on “Wasabi Chocolate

  1. a culinary delight! Today I discovered Wasabi chocolate by Lindt. It’s quite hot – too hot for me to eat on its own – but great in a salad with beets, baby spinach leaves, alfalfa and a balsamic dressing with avocado or avocado oil and a handful of mixed seeds.


  2. It’s not hot at all, and it certainly doesn’t ‘do that thing to your nose’. Far too subtle for me. As for adding it to a salad – YUCK!


  3. I picked some up thinking it was mint.. I like wasabi, I like chocolate, I like chilli chocolate.. this.. I HATED!
    But I also hate waste, so looking for recipes (chillies and so on) I can use this in.


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