Japan Jigsaw Tour for iPad

Japan Jigsaw Tour (iPad)

Although I don’t usually play games that much, I’ve developed a new obsession with Japan Jigsaw Tour for the iPad. I didn’t intend to play games on my iPad at all – it’s for serious things like writing and blogging – but when I searched the App Store for “Japan” and came across this cute game it was all too tempting.

The game, hosted by this totally kawaii, pink-haired character, takes you on a shinkansen (bullet train) tour of Japan, where you can stop at various themed destinations to complete a jigsaw puzzle. Each completed puzzle is a snapshot of Japan, featuring many famous places and delicious-looking dishes.

Japan Jigsaw Tour (iPad)

Without sound, I thought this game was really fun, but when turn the sound on and heard the shinkansen sounds and cute voice of the host, I was totally in love.

Just like in many famous tourist spots across Japan, each destination offers a different stamp to collect. There are 80 in total, and when you get them they are stored in this stamp album for you to admire.

Japan Jigsaw Tour (iPad)

This may not be a substitute for a real trip to Japan, but the sights and sounds of Japan are keeping my itchy feet under control for now. I’ve managed to complete some levels pretty quickly, but my obsessive nature has led me to compete against myself to try to better my time. If that’s not enough for you, you can also try to beat the champions on the leaderboards in the Game Center.

If you fancy joining me in my new geeky hobby, you can download Japan Jigsaw Tour for free for iPhone or iPad from the App Store. Additional levels cost £1.99… and they’re worth it! 😉

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