Tsuki magazine issue #1 on sale now!

The first issue of Tsuki magazine is finally out, and it’s looking good! Tsuki magazine is a new writing and photography magazine created in Tokyo. It contains essays, stories, interviews and gorgeous photos, all with some connection to Japan.

Highlights of the first issue include an interview with Loco in Yokohama about his new book Hi, My Name is Loco and I Am a Racist, a beautiful piece by J.C. Greenway about volunteering in Tohoku, and a very interesting piece about self-publishing from Our Man in Abiko.

Tsuki magazine is available to buy online here for just $2.99 (USD) and, as a little treat for readers of Haikgirl’s Japan, if you enter the code haikugirl6 when you check out you will receive a special discount.

Tsuki magazine is brand new, and looking for submissions, so if you have any original writing, photography or art that you would like to send in, drop them an email at: tsukimagazine@jesto.co.jp. You can also follow Tsuki magazine on Twitter or like them of Facebook to keep up with all the latest news.

8 thoughts on “Tsuki magazine issue #1 on sale now!

  1. I think it’s wonderful what they do. I wish I had some more time to submist something as well.
    While I’m not a good writer I think my photos say more than words (hopefully).
    Thanks for spreading the word! ^-^


  2. Wow I have really been out of the loop lately as I didn`t even know this was coming out?! I bought it now to check out using your code- thanks.


  3. Wow- didn`t even know this was coming out. I have been totally out of the loop lately and am only catching up on a bunch of blogs now.

    Just bought using your code. Cheers


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