Yan Yan – learning with food

I recently discovered a Japanese snack called Yan Yan. I don’t recall ever seeing Yan Yan while I was in Japan, but I found them for sale from Tofu Cute (an online shop selling kawaii things and Japanese snacks such as Pocky). I was sold on Yan Yan when I discovered they are not only a snack, they are educational too…

First, let me tell you about Yan Yan as a snack. Yan Yan comes in a pot like this:

Yan Yan

The pot is half filled with biscuity sticks, and the other half contains a serving of flavoured icing-like goo. Yan Yan comes in chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and yoghurt flavours. I went for the vanilla one, which was sickeningly sweet, but quite yummy and addictive.

Yan Yan

They remind me of Choc Dips, which I used to love as a kid. But Yan Yan, made by Japanese sweets company Meiji Seika, are more than just sugary snacks – they come with a message!

Yan Yan

Each stick has the name of an animal, an accompanying picture, and a little message in English printed on it.

Yan Yan

I’m not sure quite what the purpose is of these messages – some seem to be advice (Mouse – Do not be timid), others are facts (Giraffe – Tallest mammal), and others are just… odd (Whale – Biggesy mammal).

Yan Yan

Japan, you and your snacks have done it again! 😉

2 thoughts on “Yan Yan – learning with food

  1. Australian here! I’ve grown up eating those in Australia and back then I don’t think they actually had any writing on it and most of it didn’t make any sense. It was still fun to read before you gobble them down though. They’re pretty much found every Asian store over here so it’s quite common (and delicious!)


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