Okinawa Day 2012 in London

Last year I missed Okinawa Day in London because I went to the Brighton Japan Festival. This year I’ve decided to only go to the first weekend of the Brighton Japan Festival, which means I can go to Okinawa Day 2012 on 30th June.

Here’s some more information about Okinawa Day:

Okinawa Day 2012 @ Spitalfields, London E1
Saturday 30th June 2012
Admission Free

The Committee of Okinawa (the most southernwest islands of Japan) Day is delighted to announce our annual Okinawa Day 2012 at Spitalfields, London E1 on Saturday, 30th June 2012.

Okinawa Day 2011 at Spitalfileds saw an amazing success with over 8000 visitors and numerous press coverage. Due to such success and demand, the Committee of Okinawa Day is returning to hold another fantastic Okinawa Day 2012 with our venue partner, Spitalfields, which has a vast experience of hosting very popular events such as the annual Spitalfields Music Festival and the Japan Matsuri.

Our mission for Okinawa Day 2012 is to promote Okinawan culture further in the UK in order to strengthen our existing relationship between the UK and Okinawa which has been established through our previous Okinawa Day events. We would also very much like to encourage more and more UK audience to participate in future Okinawan related events and to create an Okinawan cultural hub in the UK.

We are planning to organise the following events at the main square – performing arts (folk and classical songs accompanied by sanshin lute, drumming performance and eisa dance) and arts and crafts, food and tourism information.

The prospective programme will include:

  • Okinawan Music, Eisa Dance and workshops, Karate performances
  • Performances of Okinawan performing arts by individuals and groups from the U.K and Okinawa
  • Food stalls including Okinawa Buku Buku Cha (Okinawan Tea ceremony)
  • Display of small number of food outlets
  • Arts and Crafts Stalls from Okinawa
  • Display of unique and original arts and crafts objects from Okinawa and our original T-shirts and tote bags.
  • Display of Tourism information for Okinawa
  • Display of useful travel and cultural guides to Okinawa

The Committee of Okinawa Day has been seeking event supporters and sponsors which will help us make Okinawa Day 2012 a sustainable and successful event. Please contact the Committee for more details – your support and contributions can create a positive impact on Okinawa Day 2012!!

Okinawa Day 2012 website

Venue: Spitalfields, Brushfield Street, London E1
By Tube: Liverpool Street/ Central, Hammersmith & City, District, Circle, and Metropolitan lines
By Train: Liverpool Street BR
By Bus: 8, 242, 149 and 67

Here’s a review of last year’s event to give you an idea of what it’s all about: Diverse Japan’s review of Okinawa Day 2011.

Having recently attended and loved an Okinawan event in London, I’m really excited to go to Okinawa Day 2012 and find out even more about Okinawan culture. Who knows, maybe I could even start dreaming about a trip there…

6 thoughts on “Okinawa Day 2012 in London

  1. It’s a smaller event than the matsuri but still very enjoyable. I hope it has the Okinawan tea ceremony demonstration again – it’s totlally different to that of mainland Japan. Thanks for the pingback!


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