Introducing… OrigArti: Bespoke Origami Fashion

I recently came across a new origami-themed online store which is opening on Sunday 1st July. Allow me to introduce… OrigArti!

OrigArti’s founder, Brighton-based artist Jimmy Dean, took a little time out to explain what OrigArti is all about:

I started to watch anime from the age of nine and since then I have developed a fantastic love affair with Japanese culture and language. I studied Japanese during college… though my knowledge of the language is slightly hazy now.

I started OrigArti in April this year after I took a normal black hoodie and hand stitched 50 origami cranes to it that I made from black and white anime comic book pages. The reception I got was so inspiring that I saw a huge gap in the market and thought I should keep it going.

I quickly developed a huge passion for the art of folding paper and I’m continuing to learn new techniques everyday. My favourite piece I’ve made so far is a 3d origami dragon and this has definitely been the popular piece with other people. The most recent thing I have learnt to do is an advanced origami squirrel!

Origami dragon

My vision was to create completely unique and colourful hand-made accessories such as brooches and hairclips for people to wear. I was honoured when I was asked to make some pieces for a wedding. Each item is hand-crafted by myself and made from top quality papers and plastics, designed to be very durable for longevity. They’ve even survived nights out in busy nightclubs! Under the glowing lights, they look pretty cool!

I have spent the last two months refining my craft and come up with some key designs that will be available to buy (made to order) online from Sunday 1st July on Etsy. Aside from the designs I will be selling online, I will also be launching a service where I will create bespoke one-off items for people based on their requirements. The bigger and bolder, the better. This is a work in progress but the service should be cemented in the oncoming months.

The day before my products are available to buy online, Haruna Komatsu of Japanese girl band No Cars will be wearing a one-off design created just her while she performs at the Brighton Japan Festival, so I’ll be there having pre-celebration of the official launch of OrigArti.

I am extremely excited about how far OrigArti has come in only 2 months and I’m looking forward to what comes next. I just want to thank everyone who has supported me so far. I couldn’t have got this far without the ongoing support, comments and feedback on my work. Your words and encouragement are greatly appreciated!

To repay the kindness and support of people who follow me on Facebook, I am giving away one unique piece of work every month free of charge to a lucky follower picked at random. To be in with a chance, all you need to do is “like” my Facebook page.

People can go to my website:

Keep an eye out for latest updates on my Facebook page, and show your support for the launch of OrigArti on Sunday 1st July. Thanks in advance everyone!

Jimmy Dean

Personally, I think Jimmy’s designs are gorgeous and so original! I love the idea of using origami in accessories and fashion, and would certainly consider buying something from OrigArti for a special occasion. Don’t forget to check out the store when it launches on Sunday 1st July!

(All images courtesy OrigArti and Jimmy Dean.)

12 thoughts on “Introducing… OrigArti: Bespoke Origami Fashion

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for your feedback! Check out my facebook page for latest news. Anybody who ‘Like’s my page has the chance to win a free gift every month. Check it out!


  1. This is awesome, what beautiful pieces. Although being quite clumsy, I’d probably ruin them! A great gift for anyone who is into quirky fashion or Japanese culture 🙂


  2. This is awesome, what beautiful pieces. Although I’m Mr Clumsy so I’d ruin them in seconds. A great gift for anyone into quirky fashion or Japanese culture though 🙂


  3. What a fantastic idea, Ive never seen anything like this before. I think there are some beautiful pieces I for one cant wait for the online store to open! ill be ready to place my order. Great article and congratulations to Jimmy Dean your really very talented x


  4. Ive worked with origami myself in workshops.
    It is an amazing art form that one can get quite addicted to! It is also a wonderful meditive medium for hand to eye co-ordinationfor both adults and children.
    You have turned it into a beautiful and wearable artform. Thank you for re inventing such an extraordinary skill.


  5. Thank you so much for all the comments guys!! Shop opening has been delayed till tomorrow as Paypal have processed what i needed them to.

    Your support is greatly appreciated and thanks again! don’t forget to like my facebook page to get free entry to monthly prizes!! Jimmy xxx


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