Happy Hello Kitty Halloween!

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Not only is today Halloween, tomorrow is Hello Kitty’s birthday! Yes, Miss Kitty White was born on 1st November 1974, making her 38 years old tomorrow! So, to celebrate, here’s a picture of my favourite ever Hello Kitty Halloween item I bought in Japan:

Hello Kitty!

Isn’t that the cutest?

Halloween is celebrated in Japan to more-or-less the same extent that it is in the UK (which is, from what I can gather, a lot less than in North America). Shops are decorated with pumpkins and cute Halloween goods, seasonal sweets and decorated cakes are available, and it’s basically an excuse to make a bit of extra money by tagging on the ‘Halloween’ theme to pretty much anything. I don’t think much, if any, trick or treating takes place and costumes are generally only worn by young people going to parties or dressing up for events. English conversation schools, such as the one I worked at, generally encourage students to participate in some kind of Halloween activities as it’s considered part of their cultural education (and it’s fun!).

As characters are such a big part of Japanese life, it’s only to be expected that Hello Kitty and her buddies would dress up for Halloween too. When I was living in Japan I really had to stop myself from going crazy and buying all the different ranges of seasonal goods that come out – you could never collect everything! Luckily, the Internet is a wonderful place full of photos, so here are a few of my favourite Hello Kitty Halloween snaps from a Google images search (all image credits are given below the images).

(Image source)

(Image source)

(Image source)

(Image source)

(Image source)

If you’re a Hello Kitty fan, or generally a fan of ‘kawaii’, you might be pleased to hear that ArtBox are celebrating Hello Kitty’s birthday with 20% off everything tomorrow, November 1st (online only). Simply enter the voucher code ‘birthday’ for your discount. Hello Kitty will also be visiting their Covent Garden store on Saturday 3rd November between 12pm and 6pm – for more information, please visit: www.artbox.co.uk.

Happy Halloween everyone! {^w^}

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