A prize from Pixie Late & sushi noms!

Back in October the gorgeous Pixie Late ran a giveaway on Facebook and I was lucky enough to win one of the prizes! There were three prizes up for grabs:

1. A big Usakumya ‘Bunny Bear’ bag by BABY, the stars shine bright (from HYPER JAPAN)
2. A pack of Japanese goodies: Sakura x Matcha Kit Kat, Hello Kitty bunny/ice cream pen charm, Disney nail seal decoration and a pack of Disney sweets (from sushi noms)
3. A Cream Cat brooch, one Cream Cat ring, stickers and a metallic Roxie girl badge (from Roxie Sweetheart)

Pixie Late Cute Giveaway

The prize I really hoped to win was the one from sushi noms, and I did!

sushi noms prize from Pixie Late competition

Of course, I wanted the prize mainly for the Sakura Matcha (桜抹茶) Kit Kat:

桜抹茶 (Sakura Matcha) Kit Kat

I’ve had one before, but it’s something I really missed from Japan so I was thrilled to win it! Actually I’ve been really good and haven’t even eaten it yet.

The Hello Kitty pen/charm is also really kawaii:

Hello Kitty pen

Thank you to Pixie Late and sushi noms! (*^_^)v

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