Thinking of Tohoku this Christmas

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The following text comes from a newsletter I received from TERP London (the Tohoku Earthquake Relief Project). I wouldn’t usually just copy text from somewhere, but this is important information about ways in which we can still help people living in the Tohoku region of Japan who might be having a less merry Christmas than ourselves. It would be very easy to forget the people affected by the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami in March 2011, and to think that everything must be back to normal there now. It’s not – many people are still living in temporary accommodation and of course people are still dealing with the loss of loved ones. Let’s remember them and do what we can to help.


There are still so many people who cannot go back their home in this festive season in Tohoku. For this event MERRY PROJECT is providing 500 Santa Claus with many presents (over 2000!) for the children living in Iwaki Area, Fukushima. We would be grateful for donations and your support for this event to make the children “MERRY”.

How to donate:
Please register on the website using a cloud funding system, CAMPFIRE. Donations are to be sent to MERRY PROJECT with the minimum amount of 500 Yen (about £3.65, as of 19/12/12).

[Project details]
The Host: The Executive Committee of MERRY SMILE XMAS IN IWAKI
Date: 23/12/2012
Time: 12:00 – 15:00
Sponsor: Iwaki, Fukushima-ken/ Narahamachi, Fukushima-ken/ Hironomachi, Fukushima-ken
Cooperation: Association of Iwaki Chuodai Community Planning
Iwaki Yumoto Onsen-Ryokan Union
The Executive Committee of Christmas presents for the children in Tohoku areas affected by the earthquake!

昨年3.11より被災地の子どもたちに希望の笑顔を咲かせるべく、数々の活動を世界中行ってきたMERRY PROJECT。今年8月にはオリンピック開催中のロンドンで、被災地の子どもたちの笑顔が大きくプリントされた傘を持ってパレードを行いました。そんな彼らが、今週の12月23日(日)に福島県いわき市にて、原発の被害で家に帰ることが出来ない方々に「勇気と希望」を届けるためのイベント「MERRY SMILE XMAS」を実施します。

イベント名:MERRY SMILE XMAS in いわき
主催:メリースマイルクリスマス in いわき 実行委員会
※ いわき市鈴木副市長と楢葉町松本町長にもご挨拶をいただきます。

Merry Smile Xmas


STEAMCREAM is an award-winning skincare cream handmade in the UK and Japan. The company was established by people who have connection with Japan. It’s freshly handmade using high-quality, natural ingredients that are fused together by a shot of steam. The special version tin called ‘Love for Japan’ would be a wonderful gift. They collect 100% of the total sale (excl. VAT) and donate all their costs to support a charity organization, which aims to build a kindergarten in Tohoku for the disaster victims. It’s available online.

STEAMCREAMは数々の美容関連の賞を受賞してきたスキンケアクリームです。日本に住んだことのあるイギリス人などが立ち上げた会社で、新鮮で高品質な材料と特別なスチームでの乳化技術を使い、日本とイギリスで手作りされています。東日本大震災を支援のため立ち上げた「Love for Japanプロジェクト」では、特別にデザインされた商品の売上(コストを含む)からVATを引いた全額が被災地に幼稚園を設立する活動に使用されます。とてもお洒落なデザインはギフトとしてきっと喜ばれると思いますよ。オンラインショップでお求めになれます。



The ‘Sendai Pageant of Starlight’ in 2012 has been taking place in Sendai city in Miyagi Prefecture. One hundred and sixty Zelkova trees are decorated with 600 thousands LED which is trying to encourage people in disaster-affected area in Tohoku. If you are in Japan during the event, please go there with your loved ones and also encourage people there with your smile.

被災地が少しでも元気になってくれればと願いを込めて,ケヤキ160 本に取り付けられた60万個のLEDが点灯しています。期間中、日本にいらっしゃる方は、大切な方と是非訪れてみてはいかがでしょうか。多くの人の笑顔で賑わった街が、被災地の方々をさらに活気づけてくれることと思います。

Sendai pageant of starlight

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