A to Wa of Japan: Week 1

Welcome to my  new weekly series: A to Wa of Japan! Following the success of A – Z of Japan and Weekly Shiritori, Haikugirl’s Japan is back this year with a brand new weekly series which will call for your participation and involvement.

So, what is it?

Well, A to Wa of Japan is like an A to Z, but using the Japanese hiragana chart. We’ll start with regular hiragana characters (called ‘gojuon’):



So, next week we will look at something beginning with あ (a), then い (i), followed by う (u), right through to わ (wa). For those of you who are less familiar with hiragana, please note that the ya-row only consists of や (ya), ゆ (yu) and よ (yo), and the wa-row is basically just わ (wa) because no words (that I know of!) begin with を (o). Also, no words begin with ん (n), so we will skip that character. A to Wa should take us up to the beginning of November, and then we will have a few weeks left at the end of the year to choose some of the other characters:







And why A to Wa of Japan?

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of you enjoyed participating in Weekly Shiritori last year, so this year I wanted to come back with something else you could join in with. I thought about various kinds of virtual tours around Japan, but I think in the end I would prefer to write about things I know about, and I simply haven’t covered enough ground in Japan yet. So, this year I will be asking for your suggestions each week, and I may cover more than one topic in a week if I have enough good suggestions. As always, if you leave a comment and suggestion I will give you a mention the following week and link to your blog/site if you have one.

Let’s play!

Next week we’ll start with あ (a), so please leave a comment below suggesting a topic for things beginning with あ. Topics can be anything, as long as they are connected to Japan – food, places, people, characters, whatever you want to hear about! Just remember that the words you suggest must be Japanese (for example, you can’t suggest ‘apple’ for ‘a’, because ‘apple’ in Japanese is ‘ringo’, but you could suggest ‘Aomori’, which is a place in Japan).

I look forward to hearing your suggestions! (*^_^)v

14 thoughts on “A to Wa of Japan: Week 1

  1. New weekly series! Yay! Here is my suggestions!

    アキラ(Akira/Animation film)
    網走(Abashiri/ name of city in Hokkaido. There is a famous prison)
    愛と誠(Ai to Makoto, Famous Manga in ’70 and several film made by based on this manga. The latest one was made last year)
    AKB48(AKIBA48/ If my memory is correct, now it pronounce as Ei-Kei-Bi, but originally Akiba 48)
    天城越え(Amagigoe/ famous Enka song by Sayuri Ishikawa)
    渥美清(Atsumi Kiyoshi / famous Japanese movie actor. He was well known as Tora-san in film Otoko-wa-tsuraiyo and this film was made 48 series and this is record in Guiness book. Not action film, but in a way it’s like James Bond films, which most of Japanese knows and must see long series film although I have never seen any film from start to finish!)
    阿部定(Abe Sada / difficult explain so basically see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sada_Abe , Ai no corrida, In the Realm of the Senses in English title, was based on her story and directed by Nagisa Oshima, who made several famous film including Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence)
    安室奈美恵(Amuro Namie/ famous J-pop star)
    RCサクセッション(start with R, but if you write their name in Hiragana, it gonna be あーる・しー・さくせっしょん, Not fan of them, but I think we should say they were Japanese Rolling Stones)
    赤穂浪士(Ako-roushi / http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forty-seven_Ronin)
    あんこ(Anko / Red beans sweet, I prefer 粒あん to こしあん)


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