Ramen at Yo! Sushi

London has been hit by ramen-fever recently, with new restaurants popping up faster than you can say ‘noodles’. Everyone has been going crazy about Shoryu Ramen, Bone Daddies, Ittenbari and Mitsukoshi’s new ramen bar, among others. Unfortunately, I’ve not been able to sample the dishes at any of these restaurants though, as they all contain the one thing I don’t eat – meat. In Japan, ramen usually contains meat, at least in the broth, so I’ve become used to not being able to eat it, but I thought perhaps London’s restaurants would accommodate a wider market.

[Edit: Thanks to Alua for pointing out that Shoryu Raman do actually serve one vegetarian option called ‘Natural’.]

I was disappointed that I couldn’t join in the noodle-mania, that is, until Yo! Sushi announced that they too would be selling ramen this winter.

Yo! Sushi

Admittedly, Yo! Sushi is not the best Japanese restaurant chain in the UK, and it certainly wouldn’t be my number one choice for sushi, but it is a fun restaurant with a good menu, and I have to say I was quite impressed with their ramen.

Their ramen menu consists of five choices: Miso-Dare Chicken Ramen, Chasiu Pork Ramen, Five Spice Gyu Ramen (beef), Kitsune Ramen (tofu), and Kaisen Ramen (seafood). As a pescetarian, I can eat two of the five choices (Kitsune and Kaisen), which I was delighted about. I ordered Kitsune Ramen, which is vegetarian and has a miso-based broth

Yo! Sushi

Yo! Sushi

This particular Yo! Sushi restaurant was at Waterloo Station, and it wasn’t the nicest place really, but for a quick, healthy, warming dinner, it was perfect.

Yo! Sushi

I think ramen was originally an addition to the winter menu, but from what I can gather it has now been added to their permanent take-away menu.

It was hard to resist the sushi and desserts going past on the conveyor belt, even though the ramen was very filling. I gave in to chocolate mochi in the end…

Yo! Sushi

So, if you’re a veggie or pescetarian (peskie?!) like me, and you fancy a bit of ramen in the UK, give Yo! Sushi a go. If that doesn’t float your boat, Wagamama will always be there too… 😉

Yo! Sushi

7 thoughts on “Ramen at Yo! Sushi

  1. I think Shoryu Ramen has one ramen offering that is vegetarian – the “Natural” one, which has a shiitake, kombu miso soybroth and contains hosomen noodles plus tofu, bamboo, kikurage, bean sprouts, spring onions, sesame, ginger and spinach. It’s listed as vegetarian as well (as are a few side dishes).

    That’s the one I’m going to try when I make it there!

    The others don’t seem to have anything, and don’t mention the word ‘vegetarian’ on their menus either, which probably means you couldn’t be sure to get anything there even if you explained….


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