Sagittarius Rilakkuma!

Back in January I wrote about the Rilakkuma 10th Anniversary zodiac plushies that had been released, and I never expected to get one – but I did! My lovely friend in Japan sent me one as a surprise, and it’s so cute! This is Sagittarius Rilakkuma (いて座のリラックマ)…

Sagittarius Rilakkuma

He has a little bow and arrow…

Sagittarius Rilakkuma

And the arrow heads are Rilakkuma shaped!

Sagittarius Rilakkuma

The star on his head shows that this is an official San-X product, and that it’s celebrating Rilakkuma’s 10th anniversary.

Sagittarius Rilakkuma


Sagittarius Rilakkuma

I try not to buy too many kawaii things these days, especially plushies, but I can never resist Rilakkuma. It’s just as well he’s not as popular in the UK as Hello Kitty is – otherwise I’d be facing constant temptations! 😉

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