Sayonara London…

They say if you’re tired of London, you’re tired of life, but I beg to differ.

When I came back from Japan almost two years ago (April 2011), I looked for jobs in London almost by default. I did consider other cities, but it seemed highly unlikely I would find anything suitable outside of the big smoke.

And so, in August 2011 I came to London and spent a year working at a charity which dealt with UK-Japan relations. In my free time I built up my connections in the UK-Japan community, and became a regular attendee of Japan-related events in London. In October 2012 I went to work in online communications, and found myself thrust into real City life.

But something burned inside me… I wasn’t doing what I was supposed to be doing.

Before I came back from Japan I realised I wanted to work in the travel industry, but finding the right job proved difficult. However, recently an opportunity arose and I knew I had to grab it with both hands and not let go.

So, I’m delighted to announce that in about a month’s time I will be leaving London to go and live in Bristol (ブリストル) and work as a travel consultant, specialising in… Japan! I’m absolutely thrilled! 😀

But have no fear, Haikugirl’s Japan is going nowhere! At the moment I do write a lot about things that are happening in London, but I’ve realised there is more to life than London, and plenty of other blogs which cover Japanese-related goings on in the City. I will continue to write about Japan-related events in the UK, hopefully with more of a focus on the west of England, and of course I will continue to write about Japanese culture, food and drink, fashion, kawaii, and much, much more!

I’ve already earmarked a few Japanese restaurants in Bristol which seem worth checking out:

There’s also a Bristol Japan Club which I will be looking into, and the possibility of starting up my Japanese studies again – perhaps here.

If anyone knows the area and has any recommendations I’d be really happy to hear from you in the comments below, or do feel free to get in touch.

Rilakkuma's helping me out by reading The Naked Guide to Bristol (not as naughty as it sounds!)

Rilakkuma’s helping me out by reading The Naked Guide to Bristol (not as naughty as it sounds!)

30 thoughts on “Sayonara London…

    • I thought perhaps I could live in London forever, but I guess not! It’s tired me out, but I still have plenty of adventure in me for a new city.

      Let’s just say I know I’ll be very happy in my new job! 😉


    • Thanks, but I’m sure we’ll bump into each other again! 🙂 Well, you never know! I will certainly visit Japan again in the future, whether for business or pleasure or both!


  1. Congratulations on the new job, it sounds like so much fun. I’ve heard of Bristol but being American I lack most knowledge of England lol. That’s so awesome you’re going to be doing what you want to do 😀 Rilakkuma is so cute and such a good helper 😉 Can’t wait for updates~~


    • Thank you! Haha – should I have specified that it’s Bristol UK?! Bristol is in the west – it’s a large city full of art and culture, and there’s a lot of water nearby, which will keep me happy (I love a good river and bridge). I’m really excited about following a dream again – it’s about time1 of course, Rilakkuma will be coming with me to help all the way… 😉


  2. First of all congrats! ^___^

    I would be highly interested in a job like that, but I wonder what the qualifications are. I do realize that you live in London and I live in Japan and I might move back to my home country which is Germany in the future, but just generally speaking?
    I’m advanced in Japanese and I’ve travelled around a lot in Japan as you know, but I guess that’s not enough to land a job like that.
    Probably a lot of people will tell me that I’m over-qualified because I have a MA degree and some publications, but I don’t care. I want to do what I’m interested in and that sounds interesting, so I’d love to hear more about it! 🙂

    Have you ever considered moving back to Japan?


  3. Good luck with your new job and city. I live in London and I’ll miss your writing about Japanese events here but will continue to follow your blog with interest.


  4. Congratulations on your new life’s adventure. I truly hope it becomes your dream job. I for one will miss your friendly face around London – but hopefully we’ll meet up on occasion. Thumbs up for your fantastic achievement.


  5. Congratulations!! I am happy to read that you took control of your life when you realized you could be doing more fulfilling things. Many good wishes to you in your time of adjustment. :]


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