Happy Hello Kitty Easter!

Hello Kitty is still really popular here in the UK, and she seems to be a regular feature in the supermarkets now. I spotted a few different Kitty-chan Easter eggs this year…

Hello Kitty Easter eggs (UK)

These white chocolate Hello Kittys are from Marks & Spencer, and look sickly sweet…

Hello Kitty Easter eggs (UK)

These were just in the supermarket, and seem pretty standard

Hello Kitty Easter eggs (UK)

This was in the supermarket too. The tin made it quite appealing…

There may well be more varieties available – I didn’t really go looking for these ones, I just happened to see them. Unfortunately, the chocolate these kind of eggs are made from is never usually that good, so I didn’t see the point in buying one.

Happy Hello Kitty Easter everyone!

Hello Kitty rabbit with an Easter egg

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