Going nuts about Kinomi

Kinomi by Hiromi Stone

I’m usually more of a sweet snacks person, generally opting for chocolate over crisps, but when it comes to nuts I just can’t resist. I love peanuts, cashews, and anything with a Japanese flavour such as wasabi, miso or soy sauce. Kinomi – a range of whole nuts dry roasted with Japanese seasonings – is just my sort of snack!

Kinomi (木の実), the Japanese word for ‘nuts’, is a product devised by Hiromi Stone. Hiromi is also a teacher of Japanese and home cooking in London, and she used to make these delicious snacks as nibbles for her students. When she realised how popular they were, she decided to start selling them, and Kinomi was born.

Kinomi by Hiromi Stone

There are three flavours available: savoury shoyu (soy sauce), sweet miso, and spicy chilli (containing shichimi and bird’s eye chili). All three flavours are absolutely delicious, with my personal favourite being the spicy chilli. The chilli taste is subtle at first, but soon grows the more you eat. All three flavours are ideal as snacks any time, any place.

Kinomi by Hiromi Stone

Kinomi do not have any added oil, salt or refined sugar, making them ‘naturally delicious’. According to the website, they are ‘They are rich in umami, the fifth taste sensation.‘, which is what makes them so moreish, but what is ‘umami’? ‘Umami‘ (うま味), a loanword from Japanese, is now officially recognised as one of the five basic tastes, together with sweet, sour, bitter and salty. It can be best translated as ‘a pleasant savoury taste’, which can be attributed to ingredients such as soy sauce and miso.

Kinomi by Hiromi Stone

Kinomi are available from the following retailers:

You can also buy Kinomi online at: kinomi.hiromistone.com

For more information about Kinomi and Hiromi Stone, visit: hiromistone.com.

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