Japanese StrEAT food in Bristol

When I heard about a street food event in Bristol called StrEAT Food Collective my first thought was: “will there be any Japanese food?!”. Fortunately, I was in luck! The event, which takes place in Cabot Circus in Bristol, has been happening every week during May and I first popped down on 3rd May in the hope of finding some Asian treats…

StrEAT is a celebration of street food from around the world, and I heard that Asia was being represented by Asia Pop – a company selling various kinds of Asian food, including Japanese. Initially I heard they would be selling okonomiyaki, but it turned out they weren’t able to on the day. It was ok though – they still had mochi!

Asia Pop @ StrEAT

Asia Pop @ StrEAT

Ichigo daifuku

The mochi (餅), actually ichigo daifuku (イチゴ大福), was so good that I decided to go back again on 17th May and see what else they had. This time they were selling dango (団子) and kushikatsu (串カツ)…

Asia Pop @ StrEAT


Asia Pop @ StrEAT


I tried the kushi katsu (made with aubergine and prawns) and my friend had the dango. Both were delicious and we agreed we could have easily gone back for seconds!

☆ Find out more about Asia Pop here.

But that wasn’t all I found! I was delighted to discover another stall selling Asian-inspired food on my second visit to StrEAT, called Dorshi. Dorshi are a Dorset-based company making their own take on sushi using locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.

Dorshi @ StrEAT

I had a lovely time chatting with Jolly (I assume, from their ‘about’ page), and was even invited to tell him my “nori story” (i.e. what did I know about nori – seaweed – and how can you stop it from going rubbery). It was clear from watching the sushi being prepared that Jolly and Radhika love what they do and care about finding delicious local ingredients.

Dorshi @ StrEAT

Dorshi is made using pearl barley, and I have to say it was absolutely wonderful! I was utterly stuffed by the time I finished scoffing all my sushi, but I also felt like I’d been super healthy.

Dorshi @ StrEAT

Dorshi were also selling gyoza. I’m not usually too keen on gyoza, but I tried a hake and wild garlic one and it was gorgeous!

Dorshi @ StrEAT

I love this idea of mixing local culture with Asian culture, and was quite tickled by their menu which included ‘Gurt Boxes’ – Dorshi’s version of a bento box. (‘Gurt’ is Bristol dialect meaning ‘very’, and is usually found in the phrase ‘gurt lush’, meaning ‘very good’.)

Dorshi @ StrEAT

☆ Find out more about Dorshi here.

StrEAT will be at Harbourside on Thursday and Cabot Circus this Friday and next. For more information visit: www.streatfoodcollective.com.

StrEAT Food Collective

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