London Event: Okinawa Day 2013

Tropical Japan poster

When you think of a tropical getaway, do you think of Japan? It’s certainly all I can think about at the moment! Since seeing this poster (above) in London earlier this year, my mind has been full of clear blue seas, colourful coral, diving, snorkelling, and Ryukyuan culture. I never made it down to the Okinawan islands while I was in Japan, but I’m determined to get there one day.

In the meantime, I’m looking forward to getting a taste of Okinawa in London later this month at Okinawa Day, which will be taking place in Spitalfields on Saturday 22nd June. Okinawa Day is an annual event in London which celebrates and promotes Okinawa as a tourist destination. The event is relatively small, but seems to be run by a group of people who really love Okinawan culture and absolutely know their stuff. last year there was music, food, martial arts, dancing… and the sun managed to stay out for most of the day! You can read more about last year’s event here.

Traditional dancing at Okinawa Day 2012

Traditional dancing at Okinawa Day 2012

This year’s event will include Okinawan folk music, Eisa dancing, karate, and much more. You can see a full schedule of events and stall holders here.

Last year’s event was very successful, with over 8,000 visitors and a lot of press coverage. Yet, despite this, the event didn’t feel over crowded like so many events in London can, and I really enjoyed the whole day there. Spitalfields is a great location too, and there’s a lot of other interesting stuff to check out if you’re in the area for the whole day.

Folk music at Okinawa Day 2012

Folk music at Okinawa Day 2012

So, if you’re dreaming of a holiday, why not whet your appetite with trip to Okinawa Day this month! There will be lots of information available there to help you plan your tropical getaway and find out more about the Okinawan islands in Japan.

Hoshi no suna (star sand) from Okinawa

Hoshi no suna (star sand) from Okinawa

Find out more about Okinawa Day 2013:

Find out more about visiting Okinawa:

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