Exhibition: Coppiced Wood: New Work by Junko Mori at the Holburne Museum

Yesterday I took myself over to Bath to visit the Holburne Museum, which is currently hosting an exhibition called Coppiced Wood by Japanese artist Junko Mori (森 純子). The exhibition is on until 8th September, so there’s still just enough time to squeeze in a visit if you’re interested.

The Holburne Museum is a curious little place, and I have to say I quite like it. I’ll write more about the museum in another post, but found it was a very suitable location for this exhibition of work. It’s set it beautiful grounds (Sydney Gardens), and had a very calm and peaceful feeling about it, as did Junko Mori’s sculptures, I thought.

Junko Mori, who was born in Yokohama (in 1974) but now lives in North Wales, is a metalsmith. Her work takes inspiration from nature, trees, and plant matter, and her sculptures look incredibly organic, like they simply grew in the museum.

Mori says of her work:

I am always drawn to the visual impact of an aggregate assembled with many small components and find infinite possibilities of the form multiplied by the vital power beyond the physical space, such as cell division through a microscope.

My work consists of multiples of individually forged steel or other metals, and the subtle difference of each piece results from hand hammering. No piece is individually planned but becomes fully formed within the making and thinking process. Repeating little accidents, like a mutation of cells, the final accumulation of units emerges within this process of evolution.

The uncontrollable beauty is the core of my concept. (www.junkomori.com)

Here are some of the pieces that were on display:

Watch this space for another post about the hidden treasures of the Holburne Museum in Bath!

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