The 1,000th!

When I started this blog on 17th May 2007 I don’t think I could have imagined getting to 500 posts, let alone 1,000… but here I am today writing the 1,000th post of Haikugirl’s Japan! It’s been a roller coaster so far – thank you for riding it with me!

1,000th Post

I thought a lot about how I wanted to celebrate this moment, and considered sharing my top ten posts or doing some kind of countdown, but in the end I decided that all I really wanted to do was remember why I started this blog, and explain why I still keep writing.

Back in 2006 I went on a big adventure – my first holiday by myself, my first time abroad alone, and my first trip to Asia. I went to Japan for two weeks, and in those short but absolutely action-packed two weeks I fell in love. Japan both mystified me and made sense to me like no other place I had ever been, and it felt like home.

Straight after that trip I joined MySpace, started learning Japanese, and became ‘Haikugirl’. I shared the early days of my journey on MySpace because I didn’t know about blogging, but fortunately friends soon introduced me to WordPress and then I was off!

I launched Haikugirl’s Japan with the post Memoirs of a Maiko shortly after my second trip to Japan, by which point I had decided I wanted to try living there, My blog became a forum in which to share my stories about planning to move abroad, and then to share my tales of living in Japan.

There are lots of expat bloggers out there and I had no idea what I was getting into, but before long I had become part of a wonderful community both in real life in Japan and in the world of J-Bloggers.

The journey has been fascinating, and my blog has grown with me. When I left Japan in 2011 I did worry that I wouldn’t be able to keep it up; that it would be too hard to write about Japan when I was living in the UK. I thought I would eventually run out of ideas and enthusiasm, but since April 2011 I have managed to write on average 18 posts a month!

My love for Japan has only grown over the years, and I can’t ever see it fading. Now it’s a massive part of my life, it’s my hobby, my passion, and even my work. Everything I do is somehow connected to this wonderful country, and now all I want is for everyone to appreciate Japan like I do. There are many reasons one could fall in love with Japan: the kawaii culture, the history and tradition, the music, art, food, or simply the gorgeous scenery as you travel around the country. Every day I still learn something new about Japan, and as I learn things I just want to share them with you, dear reader.

So, thank you for reading! To those of you who have been with me since the beginning, and those who have just joined recently, I really do appreciate every ‘like’, every comment, every share and every retweet. Arigatou gozaimasu! ありがとうございます! これからよろしくおねがいします!(*^_^)v

21 thoughts on “The 1,000th!

  1. Wow, what a great number!
    Congrats! ^___^

    Very interesting to read the story behind your blog. That’s the first time I hear about it. There are quite a few similarities to me and my blogging as well! ^^
    I started blogging in 2004. It was already all about Japan (Japanese food, jdramas, anime etc.), but then I went to Japan for 3 weeks in 2007 and shortly after that decided to move there.
    Unfortunately I only decided in 2011 to start a “real” blog – which is why I don’t have so many posts up there yet! ^_^;

    I think it’s great that you can keep going and are still motivated to write about Japan.
    Keep up the great work! 😀


  2. Nice one Ali, congratulations! Your dedication is pretty darn impressive, and there’s always a post for everyone each month. (Thanks for your veggie recipes, I’ve been trying them out!)
    Keep fighting on! xx


  3. Congratulations! The background to your interest in Japan is similar to mine, however I’m far too lazy to write a blog about it! Keep it going please!


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