Press Release: HYPER JAPAN opens new shop in Camden

Today there’s been some exciting news from HYPER JAPAN:

HYPER JAPAN, the UK’s biggest celebration of Japanese culture, cuisine and cool, is pleased to announce the opening of a new shop at Stables Market, Camden Town.

A spokesperson of HYPER JAPAN explained, “HYPER JAPAN aims to bring the best of a wide variety of Japanese culture to the UK, and to provide opportunities for Japan enthusiasts to meet, eat, shop, and enjoy themselves. The five HYPER JAPAN events we organised have all achieved these aims, and we want to take this even further by opening a shop in Camden, the hub of London’s street fashion and popular culture scene. We believe Japanese traditional and popular culture has much to appeal to the trend-conscious in London and the rest of the UK, and we hope the HYPER JAPAN shop can be a place where both seasoned enthusiasts of all things Japanese and newcomers to Japanese culture can find products they like and can enjoy themselves.”


HYPER JAPAN is quickly developing into a leading event in the UK that showcases various facets of Japanese culture, steadily building up a growing supporter base. The HYPER JAPAN shop in Camden will carry on in the same vein as HYPER JAPAN, stocking fun and cute Japanese goods. Highlights include:

The HYPER JAPAN shop also seeks to serve as a meeting place for people interested in Japanese culture. Seating is available in the shop, and customers who have purchased Japanese magazines in the shop are free to stay and read.

Japanese magazines

Japanese magazines

Details of the HYPER JAPAN shop are as follows:

Address: Stall 713, Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London NW1 8AH
Access: 5 minutes’ walk from Camden Town tube station
Opening times: 11:00am – 6:30pm, Wednesdays to Sundays

Customers are advised to check the HYPER JAPAN website or Facebook page for latest updates on opening times and new items in store.

Also, the HYPER JAPAN shop is recruiting shop staff and renting out shelf space. If you are interested in working for the HYPER JAPAN shop or selling your products here, please contact HYPER JAPAN on

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