To Tohoku!

As many of you will know, since returning to the UK in 2011 I’ve been itching to get back to Japan. In particular, I’ve been keen to explore the Tohoku region (東北地方) which, to date, I’m afraid to say I haven’t visited. As you can see from the photo of my pinboard below, I’ve explored a fair amount of central Honshu, but there’s still so much more left ‘unpinned’.

Map of Japan with arrow pointing to Tohoku

For the last couple of years I’ve thought about how and when I’ll be able to go back to Japan, and it has seemed at times like it might never happen. However, I’m absolutely thrilled and delighted today to announce that I will be visiting Japan next year! I’ll be going for work mainly, but will also be able to tag on some holiday, and that’s when I’ll be heading up north to Tohoku. My dates aren’t fixed yet, but it’s likely to be sometime in May.

I honestly can’t wait and I’m absolutely bursting with excitement, but I have a lot of planning to do between now and then to make sure I get the most out of my trip. So, this is where you come in! I already have quite a lot of places in mind that I would like to visit, but I’d like some more suggestions from you, dear readers. Where have you been, and what would you recommend doing? What in Tohoku is absolutely unmissable? I want to discover new things, meet local people, try the food and buy the crafts (definitely kokeshi!). So, you tell me… what should I do?

I look forward to hearing from you! よろしくおねがいします!

(P.S. For any friends in Japan reading this, I will be in touch about meeting up once I know my travel dates and where else I’m going! I’ll definitely be visiting Nagoya and Tokyo, but I’m not sure what else I’ll be doing yet.)

10 thoughts on “To Tohoku!

    • Thank you! I was going to refer to your blog anyway – I know there’s a lot of useful stuff on there! I expect I’ll get there a bit late for cherry blossom, but I’m not sure yet.

      Haha – I don’t think I should visit Cat Island (although I do kinda want to) – I’m allergic to cats! (>_<)


      • Oh, noes! That’s too bad! 😦
        I recently show a semi-allergic reaction to cats as well all of a sudden, but that only is bad in a cat café. Cat Island is an open space, I didn’t have any issues.
        But I understand why you won’t go. ^__^

        Maybe you can also hop onto Hokkaido to still catch the cherry blossoms then.

        Also, certainly don’t leave out Fukushima! Last time I went there was in 2008 (so long before the disaster), but it’s so beautiful there, especially Aizu-Wakamatsu! ^^


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