Manga-esque Street Art in London

As some of you will know, one of my other hobbies is taking photographs of street art. It’s always interesting to look at the influences in street art, and often I notice Japanese influences. A while ago I was in London and I spotted this manga-esque paste-up in Shoreditch by Tian:

Shoreditch street art

Tian is a French street artist who specialises in stencilled paste-ups. I love this image – it’s playful, and reminds me a lot of fashionable girls I’ve seen in Japan around areas like Harajuku.

Hooked Blog also spotted another Japanese-style piece by Tian, which actually includes some katakana:


Image: Hooked Blog

Two great pieces of street art!

Apologies for the short post this evening, but it’s Friday night and it’s been a busy week! I’ll have some lengthier posts for you over the weekend though, so watch this space! 😉

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