Starbucks Japan – Christmas 2013

As soon as I see the red cups return to Starbucks I know it’s Christmas, and my mind instantly turns to Japan. Starbucks in Japan has some really inventive seasonal flavours, and Christmas time is no exception. This year’s offerings are クラッシュ マロン パイ フラペチーノ (Crushed Marron Pie Frappuccino) and クラッシュ マロン パイ ラテ (Crushed Marron Pie Latte):

Crushed Marron Pie

(Image from:

‘Marron’ (マロン) is the word for ‘chestnut’ in Japanese. Having looked online, it seems most people write it in romaji with two Rs, but instinctively I would have only used one. Marron Pie (マロン パイ) is a traditional Japanese dessert made with chestnuts. The name, I think, comes from the French confection ‘marron glacé‘, although the dessert itself looks a little different. Here are some marron pie from Hakone:

Hakone Marron Pie

(Image: Rakuten)

I can’t quite imagine what Crushed Marron Pie Frappuccino tastes like, but I wish I could try it!

10 thoughts on “Starbucks Japan – Christmas 2013

  1. Nero are doing a roasted chestnut latte this year in their seasonal drinks. Don’t know how it would compare to the Starbucks Japan offering though 😉


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