A whole lotta kawaii…

I am a very lucky girl, and my friends are wonderful people! My best friend in Japan is especially wonderful, and knows me so well. This week I was literally squealing with delight (sorry neighbours!) at the birthday/Christmas box that arrived from Japan. Brace yourselves – this is a whole lotta kawaii…

A package from Japan

Oooh… what could be in the Loft bag? Must be something kawaii!

Japanese Christmas card

Gorgeous Santa 3D Christmas card! Japan really does know how to do cards.

Christmas gifts from Japan

Christmas presents, including furikake and miso soup. Yum!

New Year decorations

New Year decoration – a mini shimekazari (しめ飾り)

New Year decorations

New Year decoration – Kagami mochi (鏡餅) with a maneki-neko (招き猫) on top

Japanese birthday card

Beautiful Japanese birthday card!

New Rilakkuma goods

Rilakkuma was in the Loft bag!!!

Rilakkuma Christmas toy

Waa! This is probably the cutest Rilakkuma toy I’ve ever seen! Santa Rilakkuma in a chimney!

Rilakkuma Christmas toy

“Heartful Happy Christmas!”

Rilakkuma notebook and pen

‘Rilakkuma’s Pie with Fruits Filling’ notebook and pen

Rilakkuma Christmas chocolates

Rilakkuma chocolates – they taste a bit like Melty Kiss

Rilakkuma eco-kairo

Rilakkuma eco-kairo (エコカイロ) – this is a hand warmer (kairo) that can be reused

Rilakkuma rubber

Rilakkuma rubber – this will be very useful when I’m studying kanji next year!

Rilakkuma clips

Rilakkuma clips – too cute for work!

Rilakkuma stickers

Rilakkuma stickers – kawaii!

Rilakkuma make-up bag

Lovely Rilakkuma make-up bag from the ‘Pie & cakes’ range

Rilakkuma make-up bag

So pretty inside!

ありがとう to my best friend in Japan! You’ve made me feel very happy and lucky with all these amazing gifts! (*^_^)v

8 thoughts on “A whole lotta kawaii…

  1. What a nice friend! Your haul is awesome, I think they did a great job with the Christmas plushies of Rilakkuma this year. I’m so excited to see this post~ happy belated birthday!!


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